Alpha Human Services

is a nationally recognized private non-profit organization with over 37 years of experience treating most categories of sexually deviant behavior. The Alpha treatment programs were the 2001 American Probation and Parole Association President's Award winner for leadership and innovation in the treatment of sex offenders.  Some non-offender sexual abuse services are also available.  


Programs Available:

• Residential Treatment Program

The Residential program offers three program tracks, ranging in length from 60 days to an average of 18 months in residence, for adult male offenders.  The post-residential portion of this program typically lasts about one year, but is open-ended.  The residential program provides high levels of structure and supervision within a therapeutic community setting and is licensed and certified by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.


• Outpatient Treatment Program

Alpha's Outpatient program provides treatment for adults. We work with a wide range of clients from misdemeanor and felony sex offenders, including treatment for elderly offenders, non-contact offenders, female sex offenders, and adult and child pornography (usually internet) offenders.

There is a one year program for young adult, non-paraphiliac "statutory rape" offenders.  Customized psychoeducational classes are offered to individuals who either deny or severely minimize their sexual problems or misconduct or who do not need long term sex offender treatment. Treatment for victims of sexual abuse and a sex offender spouse/partners group can also be available on an outpatient basis.

Alpha also has an educational program for spouses or others who may be required to supervise contact or visitation between an offender and minor children. Partners, survivors, and family members can receive services at Alpha without the offender being in treatment at Alpha. Alpha also provides post-release programming for adult male sex offenders discharged back into the community.


• Evaluations and Assessment

Comprehensive outpatient psychosexual assessments are available, as are psychophysiological assessments . In addition to outpatient assessments, a 75-day inpatient evaluation makes use of the residential therapeutic milieu to determine an offender's sexual difficulties and treatment needs.