About Us

Alpha Human Services is a nationally recognized private non-profit organization with 40 years of experience treating most categories of sexually deviant behavior. The Alpha treatment programs were the 2001 American Probation and Parole Association President's Award winner for leadership and innovation in the treatment of sex offenders. Some non-offender sexual abuse services are also available.


Alpha Human Services is comprised of three major divisions: adult residential, adult outpatient and adolescent outpatient services.
The residential program is licensed and certified by the Minnesota Commissioner of Corrections for the placement of repeat sex offenders.
Alpha offers group, individual, and family therapy services throughout its three major divisions. Treatment modalities include a variety of strategies designed to decrease the potential for further sexual offenses.

Our Mission
Alpha's mission is to reduce the incidence of the victimization of innocent people by providing treatment to sex offenders, their families, and sexual abuse victims; to reduce the pain and suffering caused by sexual abuse, and to be an educational resource for other agencies, and the public.

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Alpha Human Services 
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Phone: (612) 872-8218 
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E-Mail: info@alphaservices.org 
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